Flow Over Fear: Freedom Beyond Addiction

Finding Freedom Beyond Addiction with Rick Warner

From homelessness to success, one man’s story of overcoming addiction through personal growth. Tune in to hear Rick Warner share his inspiring journey of transforming his life on the latest episode of the Flow Over Fear podcast. 

After hitting rock bottom at age 20, Rick found the strength to get help and embarked on a journey of recovery that led him to a career in real estate and personal development coaching. He shares powerful insights on managing fear versus anxiety, finding accountability partners, and continually learning and improving despite life’s ups and downs. 

Don’t miss this moving story of breaking free from addiction and finding one’s purpose. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How he found refuge in addiction
  • The changing landscape of mental health among the youth
  • The difference between fear and anxiety
  • Anxiety’s impact on service to others
  • Ways to lessen your anxiety
  • When enough is enough
  • The action necessary for transformation

Episode Highlights:

[04:50] How Rick found refuge in addiction

While growing up was pretty good, for whatever reason Rick was not equipped to deal with life on life’s terms. This led him to turning to drugs and alcohol as a solution.

[08:09] The changing landscape of mental health among the youth

Society was different then with less awareness around mental health. Whereas kids today face an even harder world to navigate with social media and greater information availability.

[10:22] The difference between fear and anxiety

Rick distinguishes that fear for him is a response to actual imminent physical danger while anxiety refers to worries without real threat like difficulties talking to others or financial insecurity.

[11:59] Realize your potential to change

Wherever you’re at right now – and if you’re not happy with it, you are not stuck there. 

[13:14] Anxiety has an impact on service to others

Allowing anxiety to dictate one’s life greatly limits or prevents being effective and helpful to others as that state diminishes one’s ability to contribute in a meaningful way.

[14:57] Ways to lessen anxiety

Play out worst-case scenarios to lessen their power and practice an internal mantra of not letting external circumstances control one’s happiness.

[17:09] Harness your mind’s potential through spirituality

While the brain’s natural instinct is self-preservation through fear – combining one’s mental faculties with spiritual connection through purposeful perspective – allows the same mind causing issues to instead enable thriving in life.

[18:56] When enough is enough

Rick finds that intense emotional pain from hitting rock bottom professionally twice in life motivated him to learn and grow his skills to new levels, ultimately gaining the ability to help many others through their own challenges.

[26:17] The power of transformation

Transformation is possible for anyone at any point due to life’s unpredictable nature, countering the misconception that one can be permanently stuck in their current situation.

[27:36] Maintain perspective on growth

Rick expresses preferring to embrace the mentality that while he has made progress, there is still room for improvement which keeps him grounded yet confident in continually bettering himself.

[40:30] The action necessary for transformation

Merely discussing approaches is insufficient and lasting change requires following the lead of those further along the path one aspires to through actually implementing principles in one’s own life.

Resources Mentioned:

The Four Agreements

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