Flow Over Fear: The Gift of Sobriety

The Gift of Sobriety: Lessons from 12 Years of Recovery

Sobriety is a gift – and it’s the most wonderful gift that could happen.

12 years ago, Adam was hopeless, thinking there was no way out of addiction. Ultimately, he found the courage to walk into that first AA meeting, and his life slowly started to change. 

Today, he shares some lessons he learned about overcoming alcoholism. He busts some common myths about drinking and recovery. He also shares stories from his own path to sobriety – the struggles, the lightbulb moments, and how he found a whole new way to enjoy life without liquid courage. 

Recovery is possible, friends. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction, hopefully Adam’s experiences will show you that there is always hope. One day at a time, you can reclaim your life. Join this conversation and spread the message that sobriety is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Debunking common myths about alcohol and addiction
  • Sharing lessons learned from 12 years of sobriety
  • Finding community and connection through AA meetings 
  • Facing social anxiety sober and enjoying activities without drinking
  • Questioning the purpose of alcohol consumption
  • Focusing on short-term sobriety goals through the phrase “just for today”

Episode Highlights:

[04:09] Adam doubts any benefits to drinking

Adam acknowledges alcohol’s medical and industrial uses but firmly believes there is no benefit to consuming it based on his experience overcoming addiction and finding fulfillment in sobriety.

[06:15] Using substances to avoid emotions prevents healing

If we are using substances to change our minds, we’re not giving ourselves the opportunity and the grace to feel the feelings, as bad as they may be, and work through them and process them. Then there’s no healing. 

[09:44] Myth #1: “I need alcohol to have a great time.”

Try enjoying activities where you normally drink, such as concerts or vacations, without alcohol. Experience them sober over time to truly appreciate and be present for the activity itself rather than just the alcohol’s effects.

[11:46] Myth #2: “I need alcohol to be social.”

While it initially seemed to reduce Adam’s social anxiety, over time drinking actually made him more antisocial and he began isolating and drinking alone.

[13:42] Finding community and connection through AA meetings

Adam encourages those struggling with addiction to seek help from recovery communities. By entering their rooms, one can find support through sharing their experiences of addiction and the path to healing.

[15:09] The social benefits of sobriety

Adam rates his current social life a 10 out of 10, believing sobriety has allowed him to authentically connect with others in a way drinking previously prevented.

[16:25] Myth #3: I’m not like other alcoholics. 

Adam used to believe alcoholics were stereotypical people unlike his career-driven, family self but found in AA that he shared the core identity of being an alcoholic with the diverse people there. Alcoholics run the gamut of all sorts of people that are living in our society.

[20:18] The power of “just for today”- finding sobriety one day at a time

Thinking only about getting through each day sober and hitting the pillow alcohol-free gave him proof he could do it and stack enough days of sobriety over time.

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