Flow Over Fear: Conquer Jealousy

How to Conquer Jealousy and Find Your Self Confidence with Shannen Bryant

Discover how to conquer jealousy through self-confidence, face your demons to reignite passion, and rebuild bonds through empathetic understanding and forgiving grace. This inspiring conversation with Shannen Bryant will give you the tools to overcome insecurity, regain your flow, and build trustworthy trust in yourself and others.

Learn Shannen’s self-regulation techniques for managing anxiety and regaining control through self-awareness. Adam and Shannen also explore how to transform limiting beliefs into unstoppable confidence by rising above fear with courageous self-belief. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Heal your own wounds to be fully present for your children
  • Seeking to understand through curiosity rather than judgment
  • How growth really happens
  • Keeping an open mind through curiosity
  • Why you need to break free from fantasies
  • We are worthy for just who we are
  • The root cause of jealousy and how to overcome it
  • The self-regulation recipe

Episode Highlights:

[07:59] Heal your own wounds to be fully present for your children

In order to truly be present and supportive for our children, we first need to work on addressing our own unresolved issues that prevent us from being fully present in our own lives and relationships.

[10:13] Seek to understand through curiosity rather than judgment

Shannen’s curiosity about her father’s struggles led her to understand his humanity beyond her painful past, allowing them to find connection before his death.

[15:05] Growth happens at your own pace

Growth is not linear but a winding path requiring tenacity through setbacks – with periods of stepping back to regroup being necessary parts of ultimately progressing beyond challenges.

[18:04] Keep an open mind through curiosity

Getting curious about one’s own experience rather than assuming all the facts keeps one open to perspectives that can provide understanding rather than remaining stuck in incomplete narratives.

[20:18] Break free from fantasies to discover new possibilities

Expecting relationships to match fantasies can prevent discovering unexpectedly fulfilling new connections.

[23:40] We are worthy for just who we are

Our worth isn’t defined by what we do or how we look, but rather comes from simply being – unlearning this lesson and accepting our innate worth is a process.

[27:37] Jealousy serves as a signal to identify underlying issues rather than as a problem itself.

Shannon identifies the common root cause of jealousy as a dysfunctional upbringing, lacking stability and affirmation, often stemming from childhood trauma that shapes core beliefs.

[37:13] How to overcome jealousy: Looking at projection, protection, or competition

To address extreme jealousy, Shannon guides individuals through identifying projection, protection or competition patterns, then practicing self-regulation techniques to manage anxiety and regain control of physical and emotional responses.

[44:47] The self-regulation recipe for extinguishing anxiety

Exercise. Practice box breathing to oxygenate the brain and calm the amygdala during anxiety spikes. Remove yourself from triggering situations and commit to addressing underlying issues.

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