Flow Over Fear: Small Steps to Big Wins

The Power of Ridiculously Simple Starting Points

Do your big goals seem impossible when you look at how far you have to go? In this episode of Flow Over Fear, Adam Hill shares how starting small is the secret to achieving audacious dreams.

Adam reflects on his journey training for an Ironman triathlon – an endeavor that was completely unfamiliar and intimidating at first. But through continuously taking “ridiculously simple” first steps like learning to float, he was able to gradually progress his skills and build confidence.

Discover how embracing being a beginner and focusing on the process, not just the end result, is key to developing the momentum needed to complete challenges that once seemed impossible. Start taking your first small steps towards your biggest dreams today!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Embracing vulnerability as a beginner
  • The power of taking ridiculously simple steps
  • Having the courage to be a beginner
  • Stacking small “5% wins” towards bigger goals
  • Enjoying the journey, not just focusing on the finish line

Episode Highlights:

[02:57] It starts with taking ridiculously simple first steps.

Adam discusses how achieving big goals requires starting with the smallest of steps. He emphasizes that it’s important to meet yourself where you’re at, even if the first steps feel ridiculously simple.

[05:00] Starting at zero and going to one is an infinite amount of improvement.

Adam stresses that taking even the smallest first step represents infinite improvement over having no progress at all.

[06:49] Make progress through continuous small steps.

Adam suggests that by simply focusing on goals that push us just 5% outside our comfort zone, we can steadily progress toward our dreams over time through continuously taking ridiculously simple steps.

[07:13] Having the courage to be a beginner

Adam encourages embracing the courage to be a beginner since starting somewhere is necessary for making progress towards one’s goals.

[10:41] Stack 5% wins

Adam promotes continuously “stacking 5% wins” by taking goals that push your comfort zone out slightly each time in order to steadily progress toward your dreams.

[15:00] Why doing research is not a step forward

Adam cautions that while research and analysis are important, they do not constitute taking action or a step forward on their own.

[16:32]] Lasting fulfillment comes from the journey

Adam emphasizes that lasting fulfillment comes from enjoying the journey, not just the end result, encouraging listeners to find satisfaction in the process.

Resources Mentioned:

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

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