From NFL Player to Inspirational Speaker: Marques Ogden's Story

From NFL Player to Inspirational Speaker: Marques Ogden’s Story of Overcoming Adversity

Struggling to achieve your goals? Today’s guest, Marques Ogden, former NFL player turned speaker and coach, is living proof that you can rise above fear and hardships. From having only $400 to owning his own home, his story will inspire you to keep pushing forward. After leaving professional football, Marques faced challenges including bankruptcy and having to rebuild his life from scratch. But through resilience, mentorship and helping others, he turned things around.

Listen in as Marques discusses his journey – from growing up with a single father, to playing in the NFL, and the struggles he faced post-football. He also offers valuable advice on dealing with fear, building community, and transitioning careers. Marques’s story will inspire and motivate you to keep pushing forward no matter what obstacles you encounter in life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Seeking mentorship and resources in your post-game transition
  • Lessons from his construction company
  • Personality ethics vs. character ethics
  • The four V’s of overcoming fear 

Episode Highlights:

[08:48] Navigating Post-Game Transition: Mentorship and Utilizing Available Resources

    • Recognizing the reality of transitioning after a professional sports career is vital. Athletes can navigate this shift effectively by seeking mentorship and utilizing resources provided by organizations like the NFL, which has initiatives such as NFL Legends, NFLPA, NFL Trust, and NFL Alumni. This guidance is invaluable for any athlete, current or aspiring, as there will inevitably come a time to transition post-game – a truth known even to stars like Tom Brady, who chose to step away from a $375 million contract. This emphasizes the importance of intelligent decision-making during significant life transitions. As you’re making a life transition, whether you’re an athlete or not, it’s important to seek mentorship, find guidance, and surround yourself with the right influences.
  • [16:32] Personality Ethics vs. Character Ethics

Personality ethics feed your ego and can include things like rage, wrath, envy, and lust. Living based on personality ethics risks imploding at some point. In contrast, character ethics are virtues like loyalty, truth, justice, and honor. Marques says he now tries to live his life and conduct his business based on character ethics rather than personality ethics. This includes owning up to mistakes, fixing issues, and having difficult but important conversations to resolve conflicts in an authentic way. Character ethics will lead to healthier relationships and long-term success compared to letting your ego be driven by personality ethics.

  • [23:44] Overcoming Fear Through Visualization, Vocalization, Voting, and Vicinity
  • When discussing how he overcame fear while living in an apartment unsure of his future, Marques shares a formula he used:
  • Visualization – He visualized where he wanted to be even if he didn’t know how to get there. This helped keep his mind focused on his goal.
  • Vocalization – He vocalized positive self-talk to affirm he was capable and worthy. This could be internal meditation or external manifestation.
  • Voting – Every day he took positive actions like podcast interviews, emails, etc. to “cast positive votes” toward his vision.
  • Vicinity – He changed who he spent time with to surround himself with supportive people instead of toxic influences.
  • Marques says using these four V’s – visualize, vocalize, vote, vicinity – is how you can overcome fear and start flowing with positivity to manifest your desired outcomes. It’s a framework he recommends for anyone feeling stuck in fear.

Resources Mentioned: 

National Athletic Professional Success Academy (NAPSA)

Gene Upshaw Trust Fund

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