Flow Over Fear: From Scarcity to Abundance

From Scarcity to Service: Erik Cabral Talks About Faith, Family, and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Erik Cabral joins Adam Hill to share his inspiring story of transformation from a career in corporate branding to becoming a successful entrepreneur and podcaster. Listen in as Erik discusses overcoming fear and scarcity mindsets through developing an abundant mindset and finding his flow.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Leaving corporate America to invest in real estate
  • The importance of putting yourself first
  • Developing podcasts and media brands to help others succeed
  • The unsustainability of expecting to always be in “flow”
  • Incorporating faith into business
  • Why personal branding is critical

Episode Highlights:

[03:42] From Corporate to Real Estate Investing
Erik discusses how after spending over 20 years in corporate branding roles, he felt unfulfilled and decided to leave to pursue real estate investing. Still struggling with a scarcity mindset ingrained in him from a young age, he sought ways to serve the local real estate community by attending meetups and events. Drawing from his expertise in branding, marketing and design from his corporate career, Erik would refresh and professionalize the materials and brands of other real estate investors. Through this, he realized the potential of podcasting to record and share conversations from these events. This experience led Erik to further explore podcast and media projects as a way to help others succeed, which eventually evolved into his current businesses.

[20:19] The Importance of Putting Yourself First So You Can Help Others

Erik discusses the importance of putting yourself first so that you can better help others. He shares how in the past, he was trying to serve people without first working on himself. But he realized that in order to truly serve his clients, family and community, he needed to focus on personal growth and development. Only by addressing his own needs, habits, mindsets and spiritual well-being could Erik show up fully present and able to give his best self to others. Putting in the work on his own transformation allowed him to have so much more positive impact and help even more people succeed.

[39:35] Incorporating Faith into Business 

Recently, Erik has brought spirituality more to the forefront in his work. He talks about ensuring any work or clients he takes on are aligned with serving something bigger through love. Faith has given him clarity and purpose beyond just financial goals.

[42:11] Why Personal Branding Is Critical

Erik emphasizes that personal branding is critically important because if you don’t intentionally create and develop your own brand, someone else will shape your reputation and online presence for you. Without defining who you are and what you stand for through a clear personal brand, Google and outside sources will end up defining that narrative. It’s important to take control of your personal brand by authentically representing yourself, your values and your message. This allows you to attract the right opportunities and clients who are a good fit, instead of leaving your reputation and story up to chance.

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