Flow Over Fear: Rev Up Your Success Roadmap

Rev Up Your Success Roadmap

In this episode, Adam Hill shares his process for conducting Vision/Reflection Retreats on a quarterly basis to continuously improve and accelerate your progress towards your goals. He discusses the importance of taking time every 90 days to reflect on your achievements and challenges over the past quarter, refine your long-term vision, and set clear, measurable goals for the next 90 days. 

Adam also provides tips for journaling prompts, visualization exercises, and building daily habits to help you achieve your quarterly goals and ultimately your bigger vision for your life. This podcast will give you a framework for organizing your goal setting in a way that keeps you motivated and moving closer to your dreams.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How to conduct a Vision/Reflection Retreat for personal growth
  • The importance and benefits of a 90-day Vision/Reflection Retreat process
  • The prioritization funnel and the reflection reservoir
  • Revisiting and refining your vision
  • Creating SMART goals

Episode Highlights:

[06:29] How to Conduct a Vision Reflection Retreat for Personal Growth

  • For a vision reflection retreat, plan a distraction-free weekend getaway. Bring essential items like journals and your vision/goal documents. Day one is for reflection: journal about past achievements and challenges, and review your long-term vision. On day two, update your 3-5 year vision, refine your adventure list, and set SMART quarterly goals. Do visualization exercises and journal about necessary daily habits. Identify accountability partners and potential obstacles. End each day with an adventure to celebrate your progress and the future ahead.

[07:29] The Importance and Benefits of a 90-Day Vision Reflection Retreat Process

  • Every 90 days, repeat the retreat process to refine your progress. This timeframe aligns with our attention span and motivation for medium-term goals, preventing burnout or loss of focus. Quarterly goals break down larger visions into manageable pieces, giving a sense of achievement every three months. Reflecting on these goals every 90 days allows for course correction and keeps us accountable. Knowing an upcoming retreat encourages setting meaningful, attainable goals in this window, as we wouldn’t want to disappoint our future selves. Regularly revisiting our vision ensures it stays fresh, motivating, and evolves with us.

[11:11] The Prioritization Funnel and the Reflection Reservoir

Adam’s Vision/Reflection Retreat process, represented as an hourglass, involves a prioritization funnel and a reflection reservoir. Your broad long-term dreams enter the wide top of the funnel, gradually narrowing down to specific yearly, quarterly, weekly, and daily tasks. This symbolizes the transformation of your large vision into manageable steps. Achieved goals then collect in the bottom reservoir, where you reflect on your daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly accomplishments. The process maintains balance by focusing on both the present achievements and future objectives.

Resources Mentioned:

Traction by Gino Wickman

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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