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Transcend Your Edges: Healing from Trauma and Personal Growth

Ready to transcend your consciousness? In today’s episode, Adam sits down with Sam Gibbs Morris as they explore the transformative power of conscious living. As a men’s conscious relationship coach and psychedelic guide, Sam offers profound insights into personal growth, transcending boundaries, and embracing the totality of our lives. As the founder of Transcend Breathwork, Sam has aligned his life purpose with his gifts to hold space for other humans to heal and expand their conscious awareness. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Ego, survival mechanism, and personal growth
  • Childhood trauma and addiction recovery
  • Healing trauma through self-awareness and love
  • Childhood trauma, shame, and the impact of sports on mental health
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy
  • Men’s roles in relationships and breathwork practices
  • Breathwork and its transformative potential
  • Psychedelics and personal growth with a therapist
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy for healing and personal growth

Episode Highlights:

[05:44] Finding the Noble Ego

The ego is ultimately our survival mechanism, in that there are two sides to it – the destructive ego and the noble ego. The destructive ego is the heavy-handed ego that is running our lives in an unbalanced way, causing fear, resistance and self-sabotaging behaviors. The noble ego, however, is the ego that is “on our team” and supports our well-being, relationships, purpose and growth. Sam talks about how through practices like breathwork, we can work to get our ego in a place of support rather than detriment by cultivating awareness, presence and balance within ourselves. This allows us to step more fully into our power and potential without our ego getting in the way.

[14:38] Healing Trauma Through Self-Awareness and Love

Sam underscores the importance of confronting, rather than avoiding, difficult experiences and aspects of oneself for effective trauma healing. He believes that trauma often stems from unloved or invalidated versions of ourselves. Instead of exiling the parts linked to pain and addiction, Sam advocates for loving and validating those aspects. According to him, by compassionately acknowledging our traumatic experiences without pushing them away, we can significantly reduce the intensity and duration of traumatic triggers over time. Thus, embracing all parts of ourselves is crucial for healing.

[53:59] Psychedelics and Personal Growth with a Therapist

Sam highlights the potential of psychedelics as a therapeutic tool when used intentionally and under expert guidance. He cautions that they are not for everyone and should only be considered after substantial personal development work. According to Sam, when traditional methods like therapy, meditation, and breathwork hit a plateau, psychedelics such as ayahuasca or psilocybin can facilitate breakthroughs by disrupting habitual thought patterns and unveiling hidden or avoided issues. However, he underscores the significance of preparation, proper intention setting, and post-experience integration. Used respectfully with a competent guide, psychedelics can complement therapy to foster profound insights and breakthroughs, provided the individual is prepared to confront what may emerge during the experience.

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