Flow Over Fear: Mastering Daily Discipline

Mastering Daily Discipline on a 3×5 with Scotty Sanders

Ever wish you had more time to get everything done? Discover how one entrepreneur went from burnout to balance with a simple daily planner.

In today’s episode, productivity expert Scotty Sanders reveals his simple system for maximizing your minutes using a 3×5 index card. Learn practical productivity hacks to help you create an extra hour in your day. Accomplish more with greater freedom and fulfillment!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Scotty’s wake-call to find balance
  • Developing a process for purpose-driven daily plans
  • Achieving balance without burnout
  • The “Life on a 3×5” approach
  • Identifying daily disciplines through the AAA Filter
  • Simplify to amplify what’s important

Episode Highlights:

[05:51] Scotty’s wake-call to find balance

When he was 26, Scotty had a wake-up call when his largest store caught on fire – a “burning building experience” that crystallized his need to discover work-life balance and the secret to ultra-productivity.

[17:02] Achieve balance without burnout

While we should want to be productive with what we’ve been given, we shouldn’t sacrifice our family, health, or mental well-being by becoming so stressed that we can’t enjoy life.

[19:49] The “Life on a 3×5” approach

Scotty shares the secret to ultra productivity: Have a simple daily plan like his “Life on a 3×5” index card approach, emphasizing the importance of having a clear direction or purpose. 

[25:22] Identifying daily disciplines through the AAA filter

Scotty discusses using a filter for identifying daily disciplines that meet criteria of Alignment (to purpose), Accountability, and Advancement towards goals and purpose.

[27:59] Simplify to amplify what’s important.

Scotty explains how he simplifies his daily planning by focusing on three disciplines, goals, and gratitudes on his 3×5 card rather than an overwhelming number that could lead to confusion.

[35:26] Lack of passion leads to burnout

Focusing your daily activities on areas you’re passionate about helps avoid burnout and maintain motivation.

Resources Mentioned:


Life on a 3×5

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