Flow Over Fear: The Truth About Core Values

How to Find Your Core Values and Avoid Sacred Cows

Are you living in alignment with your core values or holding onto beliefs that no longer serve you?

In this episode, Adam Hill delves into the importance of identifying your true north through self-examination and reflection on life experiences. He shares how overcoming addiction helped him understand the difference between core values that cultivate abundance and “sacred cows” that act as anchors. Adam offers guidance on transforming your life by letting go of limiting beliefs and breaking free to live authentically. 

Tune in to gain insight and tools to uncover your inner truth and overcome what may be unconsciously holding you back from your fullest potential.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Identifying and letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Core values and sacred cows in personal and professional growth
  • Identifying and transforming sacred cows in life
  • Identifying core values through self-reflection and storytelling

Episode Highlights:

[03:22] How long standing practices can hold you back

Habits and behaviors can develop into values and anchors that may no longer drive your company or life forward and instead hold you back without realizing it.

[06:31] Generational beliefs can anchor us

We may develop sacred cows around beliefs we feel we need to hold onto, even if passed down generationally. They may be anchoring us without serving our true values.

[08:15] See through sacred cows by distinguishing surface values from your inner truth

Those sacred cows may feel superficially like values but are veiled beliefs that can go against our true core values and ability to discover who we truly are.

[08:56] Your life’s peaks and valleys reveal your core values

Your core values will be reinforced during life’s highs and lows. Self-reflection on what gives you strength or brings you down can help uncover your inner truth and guide you authentically.

[09:48] Distinguishing core from cow

Core values create expansive alignment and abundance through difficulty while sacred cows avoid growth and breed unnecessary restriction through easy attachment to past ways.

[13:24] How do you identify your sacred cows and change them in your life?

Reflect on positive and negative life events to help uncover core values to replace sacred cows unconsciously holding you back.

[18:07] Identify your core values through stories

Stories have the power to tap into our souls. Paying attention to themes that deeply touch our hearts can help identify core values to live by.

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