Is Fear Challenging You to Grow?

Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, and your brain is screaming at you…

“You can’t do this”… “What if I fail”… <Insert your own self deprecating insult here>.

You are experiencing fear, and your brain is being a jerk about it. It’s doing everything it can to stop you from pursuing this seemingly scary thing that might just lead you in the direction of your wildest dreams.

You have two choices. Let your brain win, and lean into comfort. Or, embrace the fear.

Fear, my friends, is not the enemy. It’s signaling to you that you have an opportunity to grow.

It’s challenging you.

But how do you know when fear is challenging you to grow?

In this week’s episode of Flow Over Fear, I share three ways for you to know that fear is an opportunity, not an obstacle.

When you can reframe fear in this way, it’s a game changer. It’s changed my life in the most profound ways, and I continue to build on an abundant life… and you can too.

In this episode, you’ll hear my perspective on the following three things that indicate the fear is challenging you to grow:

1. The “Oh Shit” Moment: The heart-stopping, pulse-racing moment when you feel both excitement and fear. It’s like the first drop on a roller coaster, and it’s a sign that you’re onto something BIG.

2. Checking Against Core Values: Think of this step as a fear-filtering process. Does this opportunity align with your core values, or is it just an impulsive desire fueled by the adrenaline rush?

3. Powerful Personal Meaning: Like a personalized motivational poster, creating a strong personal meaning behind your decisions adds an extra oomph of conviction to face fear head-on.

So, get ready to make fear your friend and unlock your ultimate potential. Click this link to embark on this epic adventure now!

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