Mike Ergo Flow Over Fear

From Near Death to New Life With Mike Ergo

How would you feel or react if you suddenly found yourself on the brink of death? In today’s conversation, Adam speaks with former Marine, Mike Ergo, as he shares his journey through death and rebirth. When people were sitting at home watching on television the horror unfolding in the war in Fallujah, Mike was actually there – fighting for his life and the country. Today, Mike has found meaning and fulfillment in endurance sports and events, including the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2017. He is returning to Kona in October 2023 to compete and carry the flag for the Gold Star Initiative, in honor of the service and sacrifice of our fallen heroes. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Taking something positive from his life-altering experience 
  • Surrendering to the higher power
  • Understanding that acceptance is not an agreement
  • Mood follows action
  • The big spark that made him decide to change his life
  • The parallels between serving in the war and doing Ironman
  • About the Gold Star Initiative and how it has grown
  • The Litany of Fear taken from Frank Herbert’s book, Dune

Episode Highlights:

[09:20] Taking Something Positive From His Life-Altering Experience 

Although Mike was fighting for his life, another part of him just surrendered to the moment and didn’t resist it. He wasn’t trying to die, but he accepted where he was. He wasn’t happy that the war caused his existential life-altering experience, but since he was there, he was glad to have something positive come out of it. 

[16:58] Acceptance is Not Equal to Agreement

There are a lot of things that are out of our control. It’s important to come to a place of acceptance, but just because you accept something doesn’t mean you’re okay with it. You don’t like it but you accept that it’s there. When you accept, you have more power to change what you can in your life and influence the lives of other people, rather than wasting that energy trying to prevent things from happening. 

[38:33] Love Transcends Death

If you dig into any challenge or problem or adversity, you will find different layers. There could be numbness on top and anger below that. There’s also that layer of pain, hurt, sadness, or all kinds of unpleasant feelings. But below all of that is where you can tap into that love again. 

[41:32] The Gold Star Initiative

The Gold Star Initiative is part of the Ironman Foundation, where Ironman athletes play a part in the healing process of the families of our fallen heroes. The veteran carries the flag in honor of a fallen military member and the family also becomes a part of that experience to celebrate their loved one’s life. The veteran will carry a flag with a streamer that has the fallen member’s rank and name. The family hands the flag to the veteran for the run. Once at the finish line, the veteran hands the flag back to the family as a symbol of healing. 

Resources Mentioned:


Facebook: @transitionsfromwar

Gold Star Initiative

Dune by Frank Herbert


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