Flow Over Fear: From Victim To Victory

Breaking Free of Trauma to Heal and Grow with Mike Forrester

Break free from any past holding you back and start writing your own triumphant story.

Today, we have the privilege of hearing from men’s mental health coach Mike Forrester. Mike has overcome immense childhood trauma to transform his life and now helps other men do the same through his Living Fearless coaching programs. Let’s dive into Mike’s powerful story.

Prepare to be moved as Mike takes us on his journey from victim to victor. Learn practical tools for rising above limitations and empowering personal growth even in the face of adversity. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • A traumatic childhood and the impact of emotional abuse
  • Hitting rock bottom and finding the courage to change 
  • Transforming struggle into personal growth
  • Healing broken relationships and empowering others

Episode Highlights:

[03:31] Growing up with manipulative parents

Mike shares his heartbreaking story of growing up with an “absent” father and mentally ill mother whose emotional abuse left deep scars.

[09:39] Reinforcing negative beliefs can get you stuck in a cycle of struggle

It’s normal when we have that negative expectation of things when we see ourselves less than, and that life has it out for us, that we’re going to look for those things that reinforce that belief.

[24:24] Unlearning toxic messages

Growing up in a home filled with negativity, manipulation, and hurt, Mike internalized the belief that failing or asking questions meant being a failure – despite the fact that learning requires questioning. This had damaging effects on how he interacted with others, including his family. 

[30:19] Asking questions unleashes your creativity

Taking the brave first step of asking for help and questioning things for the first time helped unleash his creativity. It allowed him to imagine outcomes more positively rather than always at the worst end of the spectrum as he used to due to his victim mindset.

[38:52] The power of masterminds

Seeking guidance from those further along in the areas you want to improve is key, as we learn faster in groups. It’s best to ask advice from individuals gifted in your desired niche who are where you want to be.

[41:02] The tragedy of toxic masculinity

Men are less likely to openly admit depression and seek help, showing higher male suicide rates. They believe taking their own life will be less stigmatized than vocalizing their mental health struggles and need for assistance.

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